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Zahid Hasan. Popular actor and playwright of the country. The talented actor, who has been working since the nineties, has recently won the National Film Award. He won the award for his impeccable performance as Khal within the film ‘Sapludu’. Recently, Zahid Hasan has faced the story of the time.

I see you in several characters. How does one implement?
It is actually the grace of the good Rabbul Alamin. and that I do character analysis. The way everyone writes, and from my very own observations of life, I attempt to understand what the character means and check out to try to what stands call-in line with the story. I do not skills much.

From hero to villain. How are you changing the character?
I have won three National Film Awards for this. For the primary time, I became the simplest actor as a hero, and at this point, I got the role of Khal. actually, I prefer to act. within the future, if I buy the award as a comedian, or maybe because of the best heroine, there’s no problem. In fact, I enjoy acting as a multidimensional character.

How was your character within the movie ‘Sapludu’?
In fact, it’s not understood from the start that it’s the character of Khal. What happens at other times, the primary thing that involves the screen is that the villain will laugh aloud. it’s understood with a smile that he’s a villain. But at the very end of the film, it’s understood that it’s a villain.

How does one see the difference within the recreation area?
Much has changed. Now many are working in shortcut form. I do not know why? But I can say that not everything happens in shortcuts.

Thank you considerably and best wishes.
Thank you too.


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