Will you rape us

MP and actress Nusrat Jahan shouted at BJP leaders at a protest rally against the threat of torture of Tollywood actresses. consistent with him, it’s impossible to suppress the women of Bengal by showing fear. during a state where the chief minister may be a woman, girls aren’t scared of the threat of rape.

At the protest rally on Monday (January 25), Nusrat Jahan said, “Will you rape us?” If you’ve got courage, come. we’ve people in our house, we’ve brothers, we’ve grandfathers, we’ve people on our heads. There are brooms, pots, and pans within the houses of Bengal.

Nusrat also heard the message of coming forward against injustice. Calling on the people to stay their eyes and ears open, he said the BJP puts forward women workers of its party whenever there’s any problem. Because they are doing not skills to respect girls. I even have come to the present stage today in order that what happened to Saini-Deblina doesn’t happen to the other girl.

On today , director Gautam Ghosh said, today everyone should be united in protest of this incident.

Actress Deblina and Saini were allegedly threatened with rape during a recent television chat show and social media controversy. The artists rallied in Calcutta in protest.


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