Trump's trial

Former us President Donald Trump has been formally charged within the Senate by the House of Representatives for initiating an impeachment trial. Allegations against Trump were filed within the Senate on Monday (January 25).

Trump has been accused of creating provocative remarks about the January 8 attack on the US Parliament building. Five people, including a policeman, were killed in the unprecedented attack.

Nine Democrats within the House of Representatives are reportedly within the role of prosecutors in Trump’s impeachment process. Those prosecutors handed over the formal charges to Congress to start out the impeachment trial. Chief Prosecutor Jamie Ruskin read out allegations against Trump in Congress.

Ten members of Trump’s Republican Party also voted in favor of the impeachment motion brought by the Democratic Party. The resolution was gone by a vote of 232-198 within the 435-member House of Representatives. this is often the second time Trump has been indicted because of the first president of us. Which is rare in U.S. history.


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