There is a risk

The use of hand sanitizers has greatly increased since the outbreak of the coronavirus. On the one hand, this sanitizer has become very necessary to fight the germs, on the opposite hand, it’s causing more and more problems for youngsters.

A study published within the American Medical Association on Monday (January 25th) revealed such information, consistent with a report within the Indian media Anandabazar.

Studies have shown that the utilization of hand sanitizers can exacerbate eye and skin problems in children.

Apurba Ghosh, a toddler health expert, told the Indian media, “Hand sanitizers contain 80 percent alcohol.. These levels are extremely strict. most are forced to use sanitizer due to covid. But it’s not very healthy in the least. Especially for children’s eyes and skin.

According to the study, hand sanitizers were the explanation for poisoning in just 1.3 percent of the youngsters treated for eye poisoning in 2019, consistent with the study. But in 2020 it’s increased to around 10 percent. Not only eye problems but also skin problems are on the increase.

“There is not any statistical evidence yet,” dermatologist Piyali Chatterjee told Indian media. But 80 percent of alcohol will cause some changes within the skin, that’s normal.

Asked about the changes in children’s skin, Piyali told the Indian media: Many children have cracks on the skin of their fingers. this is often usually the case with people that do tons of scrubbing all day long. Rare in children. Many people’s nails also are cracked. there’s even a mycosis within the nails.

Doctors say that children often put their hands in their mouths or eyes at their own whim. If they need sanitizer on their hands at that point, it can cause poisoning within the eyes or mouth.

Apurba Ghosh tells the Indian media that a lot of children have mistakenly eaten sanitizers. Many such incidents are happening a day. He said, ‘There are differing types of bacteria within the skin. Many of them are beneficial. once they die, the body suffers. Sanitizer kills all the great and bad bacteria directly.

For so long, there has been no doubt about the utilization of sanitizers to stop corona infections. on the other hand, the doctors also said that the utilization of sanitizer should be gradually brought in check. As many sanitizers are available within the market, many of us think that their quality issues should even be checked.

Asked what should be wiped out the case of youngsters, Apurba Ghosh told Indian media, “The use of gloves is often useful during this case. it’ll also reduce the utilization of sanitizers in children’s hands. the danger of infection is going to be less.

Although there are not any such statistics in India yet, they’re generally agreement that hand sanitizers are often harmful to children.


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