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The Corona vaccine imported from Beximco from India’s Seram Institute has been cleared by the Department of Drug Administration because it is suitable for human application.

Tuesday (January 26), Director General of the Department of Drug Administration, Major General. Mahbubur Rahman has confirmed this information.

At a news conference, Mahbubur Rahman said, ‘Samples of every lot of ticker are thoroughly tested. Vaccination against coronavirus will start tomorrow with this vaccine.

Earlier on Monday (January 25) at around 11 am, an Air India flight received Shahjalal International Airport with a consignment of Oxford 5 million coronae bought from the Seram Institute of India. After the vaccine arrives, it’s taken on to Beximco’s Tongi warehouse. Later it’ll be distributed as per the demand of the govt.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals is providing the vaccine to the govt because of the ‘Exclusive Distributor’ of Seram Institute in Bangladesh. With the permission of the Department of Drug Administration, Beximco will now deliver the vaccine to districts as directed by the govt.

The director-general said, ‘This vaccine is formed by Oxford-AstraZeneca. The UK’s highest body has approved the utilization of the vaccine and it’s being implemented therein country. The Seram Institute of India may be a world-class vaccine manufacturer by the standards of the planet Health Organization. The vaccine has been in use in India since January 18. All those papers from India have also been examined.

Nazmul Hasan Papon, director of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited and president of the BCB, said Beximco wasn’t bringing any vaccine commercially. because the name of the drug company isn’t within the official list, just one million doses are being brought for them. Out of this only BJME are often given. Moreover, this vaccine won’t be sold commercially outside.

He added that Beximco will supply to 64 districts as per the instructions of the govt. they’re going to also confirm that there’s no cold chain break anywhere.

Earlier on Monday (January 25), Health Minister Zahid Malek said the Oxford vaccine would come to Dhaka in six stages at a price of Rs 5 million each. He also said that the vaccines would be tested in government drug laboratories before being distributed across the country.

Most of the 24 people curious about getting vaccinated voluntarily within the first phase are doctors. during this situation, the journalists had an issue, health minister, secretary – when will they get vaccinated themselves?

“Many VIPs try to urge vaccinated but we aren’t giving them,” he said. we’ll give frontline workers first, then we’ll all take. I will be able to take it too. ‘

Meanwhile, Director-General of the Department of Health Prof ABM Khurshid Alam said that after 24 people on a primary day, 400 to 500 doctors are going to be vaccinated on the second day.

He also said that the registration app for the corona ticker is going to be handed over to the ICT ministry on Monday (January 25).


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