Priyanka used to be

Bollywood’s first line actress Priyanka Chopra. He has also acted in Hollywood movies across borders. the previous world beauty is functioning in parallel from Mumbai to us.

At the age of 13, Priyanka had to concentrate to varied comments from relatives. Many called him ‘Kali’ due to the green color of their skin. As a toddler , Priyanka wont to apply whitening cream and powder to urge obviate it.

Priyanka grew up during a Punjabi family as a toddler . His cousins are pale. Priyanka has turned green as her father’s complexion is black. He didn’t just like the call of relatives ‘ink’ in the least .

This is what the favored actress said during a recent interview. She said advertising for whitening creams is one of the worst decisions in life. But it’s also true that within the society during which I grew up, there’s nothing wrong with eagerness to be fair. The pale color is appreciated in South Asia. So anyone wants to be fair.

Priyanka didn’t confine herself to being a green woman. Run at your own pace. Got success too. She won the title of ‘Miss World’ in 2000. She made her acting debut within the 2002 Tamil film Thamizan.

It is learned that Priyanka will act during a movie titled ‘Citadel’. Work on the movie is predicted to start out soon. he’s also busy with the films ‘Matrix 4’ and ‘Text for You’.


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