Participation of Bangladesh

The 72nd Republic Day of India is being held with various arrangements. an enormous military parade is being held within the capital Delhi on Tuesday (January 26th) to mark the occasion. For the primary time, a sensible team of 122 people of Bangladesh Army goes to require part. per annum, a far off head of state attends the event because of the chief guest. within the past, heads of state of nations like Pakistan and China are invited, but within the last 55 years, Bangladesh has never been invited.

Republic Day of India. A team comprising of the Bangladesh Army, Navy, and Air Force is participating during this parade as an invited guest within the 50 years of independence. A 122-member delegation has reached Delhi for this purpose. This party, which joined at the invitation of the govt of India, is that the legacy of brave freedom fighters. There are members of the Bengal Regiment and Artillery Regiment pleased with the liberation war of 1971. Earlier, only two countries took part in the prestigious parade. Members of France in 2016 and UAE in 2016 took part in the parade.

In addition to the parade, a far off head of state takes part within the formalities per annum. Strange because it could also be, no head of state of Bangladesh has ever been invited to the ceremony of the Republic Day. Countries like Congo, Tobago, and Zambia haven’t been overlooked on the list of foreign guests for the last 55 years. France has joined quite 5 times. Bhutan and Russia have joined 4 times. Twice the heads of state of Pakistan, India’s arch-enemy in South and Central Asia, have had the chance to hitch, with whom there are bloody clashes on the border, and China has been invited once. But Bangladesh, which received the title of closest friend, was never invited. Countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Maldives, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan have joined the region twice. Naturally, therefore, the question arises, when Bangladesh may be a model of development within the heart of the planet,


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