Number of defaulters in

After various initiatives, monitoring, and directions of the govt, Bangladesh Bank has reduced the quantity of non-performing loans but it’s not decreasing. On the opposite hand, the amount of defaulting borrowers of banks and financial institutions within the country is about 3.5 million. This information was given by the minister of finance AHM Mustafa Kamal.

Responding to an issue in Parliament on Monday (January 25), the minister of finance said the amount of defaulting borrowers within the country’s banks and financial institutions was 3,34,982 as of October last year.

Last November, the financial institution released the July-September defaulter data for the third quarter of the year. it had been informed that the quantity of defaulted loans within the banking sector has come down by Tk 1,08 crore to Tk 94,440 crore.

There are no new loan defaults since April last year thanks to special benefits and discounts within the coronavirus epidemic. Some entrepreneurs have repaid some loans on their own initiative. As a result, the defaulted loans of the banking sector have decreased a touch.

In response to an issue from Asim Kumar Ukil, a Member of Parliament from the ruling party, the minister of finance highlighted in Parliament various steps taken by the govt to expedite the disposal of defaulted loans and recover loans.


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