Noor Alam returned

Easy bike driver Noor Alam set a singular example of honesty in Matlab North in Chandpur. He returned the expensive laptop of a faculty teacher who had left his bike.

Not only that, in return, he returned the prize as a tip and asked the teacher for blessings for the youngsters .

Matlab Salima Nazneen, the headmistress of Pathanbazar Government grade school within the north, took part during a workshop on information and technology at Nishchitpur Government grade school on Sunday (January 24th). After finishing the workshop that afternoon, Salima Nazneen returned to her village Durgapur. However, he accidentally left the expensive government laptop EasyBy with him.

On the opposite hand, as soon because the passenger got off, the driving force of the easy bike looked back and noticed that a black bag was lying within the seat. But until then the owner of that bag is Hawa.

Finding no way, the driving force of the easy bike looked for the owner of the black bag for the last two days. On Monday (January 25) afternoon, he saw a lady standing on the side of the road trying to find something. Finally got the owner of the black bag that was left on the easy bike.

Headmaster Salima Nazneen said, “I haven’t been ready to find a lost laptop for 2 days.” Surprisingly, an easy bike driver named Noor Alam returned my forgotten laptop.

Noor Alam said, albeit someone makes an error, I cannot make an error. So out of conscience, I looked for the last two days and eventually returned the laptop within the black bag to the important owner.

“I was offered a gift as a gift,” he said. But I politely returned it. The owner of the laptop told the headmaster, I even have two daughters. Pray for them to be ideal people.

Matlab Uttar Upazila Education Officer Iqbal Hossain said there was still tons to find out from Noor Alam, a singular example of honesty. So our respect for him from the first education family has increased even more.

It is learned that the house of Noor Alam, an easybike driver, is found near Nishchitpur Bazar within the north.


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