Nayak Riaz called

Chittagong City Corporation (CHC) elections are getting to be persisted on January 28. A bunch of showbiz stars flew to Chittagong on Sunday (January 24th) to hunt votes for Awami League-nominated mayoral candidate Rezaul Karim. Among them was the filmmaker Riaz.

Taking part in the election campaign, Riaz said, Bangladesh didn’t desire to see the road on its thanks to Chittagong; It appeared to be the road to Europe. He also praised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Riaz said Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina has given her all for the people of Chittagong. The proof of which we’ve seen on the way. The road I came to in Chittagong didn’t desire the road in Bangladesh. It seems to be the road to Europe. The leader has nominated Alhaj Rezaul Karim because of the mayor of Chittagong. we expect that with the assistance of Rezaul Karim, Chittagong is going to be more prosperous and therefore the trend of development will continue.

At that point, he wanted everyone to vote for Rezaul Karim within the race and hoped for a number one role within the campaign for Rezaul Karim in improving the standard of Chittagong.

“We have come to Chittagong to campaign for the boat,” said Simon. Mayoral candidate Rezaul Karim may be a heroic insurgent. We believe that if he becomes the mayor of Chittagong, the quality of living of the people is going to be far better. So we came to Chittagong from Dhaka to support a worthy candidate like him.

It is learned that the celebs are campaigning within the new bridge area of Karnafuli on Sunday through New Market Junction, Kazir Deuri, Ispahani-GEC Junction, Tailgate No. 2, Oxygen Junction, Muradpur-Bahaddar Hat in Chittagong city.

Among the celebs were Apu Biswas, Mahiya Mahi, Aruna Biswas, Tarin Jahan, Tanveen Sweety, Bijri Barkatullah, Riaz, Mir Sabbir, and Simon Sadiq. Meanwhile, three more stars including Ferdous and Purnima will join them on Monday (January 25).


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