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Microsoft co-founder Gates has said that folks with knowledge of science, engineering, and economics are going to be most in-demand within the future job market.

This information was given during a report of the US media CNBC on Saturday (January 23).

Daniel Roth, the executive editor of LinkedIn, said in an interview that he made the remarks that supported his knowledge, experience, and knowledge from entrepreneurs in various sectors.

According to the report, Gates said within the interview that the staff skilled within these three areas are ‘agents of change altogether organizations in the future’.

Bill Gates said, “I think tons of future careers will depend upon science, mathematical skills, economics – if you’ve got basic knowledge skills in these subjects.”

There is no need for you to be an expert on coding or periodic tables, but Gates thinks that if you’ll understand how experts add this field, it’ll be of great use in your career.

“Writing coding isn’t mandatory for you, but you’ve got to know what engineers can and can’t do,” he said.

You don’t need to write the code, but you’ve got to know what engineers can and can’t do. “These are those which will revolutionize your organization,” Gates said.


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