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Many countries around the world have invented coronavirus vaccines to urge obviate the epidemic coronavirus. the appliance of this vaccine has already started in many countries. However, it’s been heard that a lot of people are infected after receiving this corona vaccine.

A BBC report says many of us are infected with the coronavirus after being vaccinated to survive. So is it impossible to stop coronavirus by vaccination?

The thing is that it takes two to 3 weeks for the body to develop immunity after vaccination. After vaccination, the physical body takes a while to acknowledge the genetic components of the coronavirus and to form antibodies and T-cells. These then begin to stop the virus from invading the body’s cells or to kill the infected cells.

Professor Danny Altman, an immunologist at Imperial College London, told the BBC it might take a minimum of a fortnight or perhaps more for the vaccine to become fully effective.

Asked if coronaviruses could spread from vaccinators again, the BBC’s science correspondent David Schumann said: “This is a crucial question, but nobody is certain. this is often because two things are observed in ticker trials.

One is whether or not the vaccine is safe and therefore the other is what proportion it can prevent coronavirus sufferers from becoming seriously ill. Good results are obtained in both cases. But it’s not been investigated whether the vaccine can spread coronavirus from one person to a different. As a result, it’s still unknown whether those that are vaccinated can spread the virus to others.

Meanwhile, consistent with the planet Omiter website, which has statistics on coronavirus infections and deaths, as of Monday morning (January 25), 9,98,7,213 people had been infected with corona within the world and 21,38,942 people had died. Seven crores 16 lakh 41 thousand 736 people have returned home after recovering.

Coronavirus transmission began in late December last year in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. So far, Covid-19 has spread to 218 countries and regions of the planet including Bangladesh.


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