The Big Data and Marketing It can be understood as a strategy that, through the analysis of a huge volume of data available on the Internet, seeks to better understand an audience and personalize actions, ensuring greater effectiveness for the campaigns developed.

But how does this work in practice ?; Where does this information come from?; What type of business can benefit from this technology?

In this article, in addition to understanding the relationship between Big Data and Marketing, you will also understand how this technology works and how it can help optimize the performance of your company.

What is Big Data in Marketing?

As its name suggests, the term Big Data refers to a huge volume of data available on the Internet – in a structured or unstructured way – that can be collected, stored and processed, generating extremely useful information to support decision-making in companies or companies. institutions.

Therefore, when we talk about Big Data and Marketing, we refer to the application of this technology in actions aimed at get to know an audience better. Thus, it is possible to develop personalized marketing strategies, capable of impacting these people in a much more efficient way.

To dig a little deeper into the subject and better understand the relationship between Big Data and Marketing, watch the video below:

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How does Big Data work within Marketing strategies?

Every day we access the Internet, whether to work, study, shop or have moments of leisure. Our interaction produces data that, when analyzed, reveals information about various types of trends, among which are the preferences and consumption habits of a population.

When a person interacts or mentions your brand in a Facebook comment, they are producing content, that is, information that can be used to guide Marketing actions. Thus, it is possible to meet consumer expectations, optimizing their experience in relation to your brand.

To give you an idea of ​​the dimension of Big Data, imagine that everything you do while you are connected generates information. That is, in addition to your behavior on social networks, the sites you browse, the content you consume and even your purchases in e-commerce (electronic commerce), are subject to analysis.

Now imagine the huge number of people who like you, also access the Internet on a daily basis. Therefore, we have an exponentially growing volume of data, and it is not difficult to see its potential to optimize marketing campaigns for any type of business.

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Geolocation and Big Data in Marketing

If Big Data already seems like an extremely promising tool, its use in conjunction with geolocation technology in a Geomarketing strategy can mean even more efficient and powerful marketing.

With these tools you will be able to know your audience much more and understand their buying behavior both on the Internet and outside of it; with accurate information about your needs, preferences, where you live, work, the places you frequent, etc.

This means a much higher level of personalization and segmentation in marketing actions, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

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Optimize the performance of your company with Big Data in Marketing

The strategies of traditional marketing They are carried out by any company and can even give favorable results, but in markets where competition is fiercer, whoever wants to stand out has to do more.

The use of Big Data in marketing means taking another step in the search for the most efficient way to reach and impact consumers. Is your company prepared to take this step, using technology to its advantage?

Maplink, the largest geolocation technology company in Latin America, with 20 years of experience In the area, it provides support to optimize your company’s operations, ensuring strategic information and reducing operating costs.

In partnership with your IT team, we implement solutions that allow you to use geolocation intelligence to improve communication between online and offline channels, by integrating your system with Google Maps APIs. But what are the benefits of this in practice?

  • Greater service efficiency, reducing response time and facilitating access to the history of each client;
  • Greater agility and better communication between customer and company, ensuring a much more positive shopping experience for the consumer;
  • Greater agility in the workflow, since the system feeds automatically and in real time;
  • Costs reduction by automating activities, eliminating the use of paper and optimizing trips by grouping geographically close jobs;
  • Access to updated data, which facilitates the monitoring of metrics and indicators that guarantee customer satisfaction;
  • Improved profitability, due to higher productivity of the team.

We support leading and leading companies in the markets in which they operate, such as: Nestlé Danone, Mastellone, Musimundo, Colun, Brinks, BRF and JBS. Schedule a conversation with one of our specialists right now.

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