This cute story is meme meat and will even symbolize our sense of giddiness after a yr of pandemic. A walrus fell asleep on an iceberg in Greenland and awakened on the opposite aspect of the Atlantic Ocean.

It may very well be our spirit animal or a document nap. Final Sunday Alan Houlihan and his five-year-old daughter Muireann have been stunned seeing a walrus emerge from the water whereas strolling alongside Glanleam Seashore on the island of Kerry. The arctic creature had by no means been sighted off the Irish coast, so the principle speculation being thought-about is that the animal would have fallen asleep on an iceberg earlier than being carried via the waters of the Atlantic Ocean to Kerry.

“My daughter and I have been strolling on the seashore close to the lighthouse.”explains the native. “He got here out of the water onto the rocks and gave us a little bit of a present”, highlighting its dimension “equal to that of a bull or a cow.” At first they thought it was a seal, till they appeared on the tusks. He was lower than fifty meters from this father and his daughter and returned once more to the rocks. The woman didn’t hesitate to call her: if she is feminine, Isabelle and if she is male, Cian.

The story behind the picture of the 2 cuddling penguins with an award on the 2020 Ocean Pictures Awards

Its about first confirmed sighting of a walrus in Eire, an uncommon occasion after an uncommon nap adrift on an iceberg. In response to statements by the marine biologist and director of Dingle Oceanworld, Kevin Flannery, defined that it’s probably that the hungry and exhausted walrus arrived from the North Pole and that it wants relaxation earlier than returning to its house, kilometers away.

The vice has change into an area celeb on the peak of a legend. He will need to have eaten scallops and different shellfish together with his gigantic enamel earlier than gathering his power to go house. On this video you may see the aquatic mammal making an look.

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