Particularly within the winter months, or throughout chilly spells, it is not uncommon to listen to hoaxes and lies about heating. Right now we deny 5 of them with info from the OCU in an effort to make higher selections as a client.

There are a selection of suggestions and tips to scale back your heating invoice in winter and have extra financial savings margin: from optimizing using the boiler to purging the radiators, having good insulation – it ought to be remembered that 25% of the warmth is misplaced by means of the home windows – or reviewing the joint charges, along with benefiting from the automated programming offered by the thermostat.

Warmth pump heating would scale back air pollution in Madrid by 50%

Nevertheless, it is usually important to tear down the primary city legends that emerge every winter round save with heating within the chilly months. They’re no small feat if we keep in mind that in accordance with the Institute for Power Diversification and Saving (Idae), heating in chilly areas of Spain accounts for 70% of the entire power consumed by a house.

Thus, the recurring myths round heating make it tough to make enough selections as a client and have enough instruments, such because the boiler and heater comparators that the OCU makes accessible on-line to the general public. Then try the 5 most widespread lies about heating.

5 hoaxes about heating and saving that you just should not consider

  • It’s dearer to show off the heating than to maintain it on at a relentless temperature: Regardless of the very fact that there’s a peak of expense when turning it on, in the long run the financial savings are exceptional, in accordance with the OCU. The best factor is to show it off at evening -so that the temperature of the house is roughly 16º- and switch it on in some bands in the course of the day. With respect to having it turned on at 20º, you save 13%:
  • Not an excessive amount of warmth is misplaced by means of the home windows: It’s not sufficient to shut the home windows, nor does their measurement matter an excessive amount of. Insulation is crucial to enhance power effectivity and cut back heating prices, in addition to contributing to the surroundings with extra sustainable consumption. From the OCU they recall {that a} quarter of the power produced in houses is used to cowl the warmth that escapes by means of the cracks. from by means of the cracks within the home windows. Having double glazing reduces losses by 50%.
  • It’s not attainable to have heating with photo voltaic panels: That is completely a lie, since there’s photo voltaic heating because of thermal panels, which permit save as much as 70% on scorching water and 40% on heating. Photo voltaic heating is a sustainable and ecological system: thermal power will be utilized to underfloor heating, convection heaters and warmth pumps.
  • Blue warmth is probably the most economical kind of heating: All sorts of electrical heating are equally environment friendly – actually, the OCU emphasizes that the sorts of methods that use resistors for heating are all the time probably the most inefficient and the costliest. It’s advisable to rent a nightly fee and use the radiators in the course of the valley interval of this to pay as little as attainable per kWh consumed, along with changing the electrical radiators with a warmth pump, far more efficient.
  • A condensing boiler requires massive radiators: Normal radiators are completely suitable with condensing boilers, though the bigger their measurement, there’s extra room for financial savings. These boilers are snug and protected, standing out for its excessive efficiency and low emissions. They save, on common, 18% on common. The standard factor when it comes to energy is to wish about 90-100 W per sq. meter.


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